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Tasks of the witnesses at the wedding

Behind every bride/groom is a successful best man/groom…that’s kind of where the quote was going, right? The tasks of the groomsmen at the bachelor party and even more so at bachelorette parties are many and varied. We’ll tell you what you need to know today.

Tasks of the witnesses at the wedding

The duties of the groomsmen at the bachelor party depend largely on what kind of bachelor party the couple decides to have. Basically, the traditional Polterabend is held by the bride and groom, while the groomsmen are allowed to mingle and smash dishes.

But as any bride and groom will tell you, a helping hand is always helpful in the pre-wedding phase. After all, the couple themselves already have enough to do with the wedding preparations. When someone decides to have a modern bachelorette party, there is a lot to consider from the guest list to organizing catering. Our step-by-step guide to organizing a bachelorette party can be found here.

If the couple has opted for an American-style bachelor party, i.e. a rehearsal dinner, this usually means that most of the speeches and toasts – including those of the groomsmen – will take place there. This is also a good place for all the pranks and shows that would not find time in the wedding program. Best men and maids of honor are therefore cordially invited to brighten up the bride and groom’s stag night with a few surprises.

The witnesses at the bachelor party / bachelorette party

a bachelor party and a bachelorette party - bride and groom celebrate with their friends and girlfriends

For bachelor and bachelorette parties, things look a little different. This is where the best man and maid of honor are in high demand – traditionally, the program at the JGA is at least mostly a surprise for the groom or the bride.

From organizing various activities for the bride or groom and their friends to setting fun tasks, you have a lot to think about here. So, the tasks of the witnesses at the bachelor party – whether for couples or separately – are very diverse.

In any case – you were chosen as groomsmen for a reason, so don’t forget to have fun.

And to make sure you are appreciated enough in your job as best man, feel free to wear your title with pride!

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