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Bachelor party travel ideas

Going out with the guys again before the wedding and enjoying the freedom – that’s what many prospective grooms want. What used to be a single evening is now often celebrated over several days. It doesn’t always have to be a booze cruise to Prague. We have collected the best bachelor party travel ideas for you here.

Stag party by the sea

Whether Italy, the Baltic Sea, the Côte d’Azure or Croatia: it’s always beautiful by the sea. And where there are tourists, you can usually also eat well and party. Therefore, it is a good idea to spend the bachelor party by the sea.

Here you can book excursions to the sea directly*. Larger groups can also simply book via AirBnB or a complete apartment or even their own villa with pool.

Bachelor party trip idea: trip with camper

Not quite everyday, but definitely something special: pack up your friends, get in the camping bus and off you go on an adventure. Where you like it, you stop – or you head for beautiful places. We recommend a campsite with barbecue facilities, campfire and near the lake or sea.

When planning, you should keep in mind that the camper must be large enough for everyone. Alternatively, you can organize two buses or take a tent. By the way: If you don’t have your own camper, you can simply rent one from PaulCamper*.

Stag party at the alpine hut

Cottage magic for the bachelor party? Absolutely! If you prefer to keep to yourself and not have crowds of tourists around, it’s best to rent your own alpine hut. During the day you can hike and enjoy nature, and in the evening you can end the day comfortably in the company of your friends.

Most of such huts are self-catering. So remember to bring plenty of food, drinks and entertainment. By the way, our ingenious drinking games are perfect for such a hut evening.

Spa retreat for JGA

The idea of spending a day in the spa with his friends before the bachelorette party, we have also already proposed in our article on activities. But why limit the stay to only one day?

If you stay a few days right away, you have more time to relax. So the trip to the bachelor party will definitely be remembered. There are several spas for such trips, here you can book spas in the vicinity right away*.

Bachelor party travel idea: city trip

Prague, Budapest, Palma de Mallorca: We have already summarized the best destinations for the wedding trip for you in this article. You are welcome to browse a bit! You can also find more inspiration here*– where you can book city trips directly.

JGA trip to the theme park

Whether Disney Land, Europapark, Wiener Prater or Efteling: pure adrenaline and fun await you in amusement parks. Amusement parks are a great day program for the bachelorette party. But many are so big that you need several days to try all the rides. For some theme parks you can book directly packages with entrance and hotel*– perfect for the trip to the JGA.


If the groom is actually a rock star at heart, or his star sign is David Guetta, then a festival as a trip to the JGA is also worth considering. Even though you might be a little older at the bachelor party, you can still have a lot of fun at festivals.

Whether Rock am Ring, Tomorrowland or NovaRock – there is something for every musical taste in the diverse festival scene. Tip: If you want to stand out as a JGA group at the festival, it’s best to wear the shirts from our store!

Paddle tour on the Vltava river

We have dedicated a separate article to an absolute insider tip for your bachelor party trip: a paddle tour on the Vltava! In addition to adventurous paddling fun on the water, this JGA trip idea offers several other advantages. Because this excursion can be implemented even with a small budget. In addition, you can include the beer metropolis of Budweis in your trip and celebrate the end of your JGA there.

Well then, what are you waiting for? On the planning, ready, go!

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