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Wedding night – what to wear? The ideal outfit for rumbling

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You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the attire for the bachelor party

Mostly, our articles are intended for the people who are planning a bachelorette party. But what if you’re invited and suddenly you’re faced with the question, “What do you wear to the bachelorette party?”

The decision is not always easy, because we often have a full box, but still nothing to wear. Right away: unfortunately, there is no clear dress code. It largely depends on what is planned and in what setting the bachelor party will take place. Nevertheless, we have compiled the most important tips for the perfect outfit for the bachelor party.

What to wear to the classic bachelor party?

At the traditional polterabend with the smashing of dishes and other traditional customs is usually worn traditional costume in rural areas. So Dirndl and leather pants are a very good choice for the outfit.

If you don’t have a traditional costume wardrobe, you can simply go with casual evening wear unless otherwise specified by the bride and groom. By the way, this also applies to the American rehearsal dinner, which is also becoming increasingly popular here.

A little black dress or a cocktail dress for the ladies is an excellent choice. For men, it should already be a suit or at least dark pants and jacket (business casual). The important thing is: upscale, but not too stiff and formal. You also don’t need to reach for the tie for the bachelor party. It is enough to wear them at the wedding.

And at the modern bachelor party?

Here it depends on what you are dealing with. As already explained in our articles for activities, there have long been no fixed rules for what to do on a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The outfit for the stag night should be comfortable

Neither paintball nor spa visits require a specific outfit. During the day, whether it’s for a wine hike or an Escape The Room game, flat shoes and more comfortable clothing are more worthwhile than evening wear.

If you don’t want to do without high heels, these gel pads* will help.

One thing should be noted, however, already in the process: Whether it’s a bachelor party or a JGA, the evening usually ends with either a visit to a restaurant or a bar tour. In both cases, you should be dressed accordingly. If you are unsure, it is best to ask the bride and groom or, if the groomsmen are in charge of the organization, the groomsmen themselves.

And while we’re at it – if you’re organizing a surprise party for a bride or groom, please make sure to inform the kidnapper beforehand about what is needed – or ask the victim’s partner to pack everything necessary.

Matching t shirts for bachelor party

Especially for home parties, bar tours and less elegant celebrations, the right choice is a t-shirt with matching inscription for the bride and groom and guests. For some fun ideas on how to do this, just browse our store.

We have our own shirts for the bride and groom and of course for the whole polter crew. All motifs are available in different sizes from skinny to pregnant. If you still can’t find the right one, you can easily design your own polterabend shirt with us. With our specially designed shirts you will definitely be the eye-catcher at your stag night.

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Theme parties – what to wear when the bachelor party is a little crazier?

Motto parties, whether on the occasion of the bachelor party or in general, are very popular nowadays. If you are invited to a bachelorette party with a certain theme, it is worth dressing accordingly. Of course, it does not always have to be an expensive costume from the catalog – for most things you can improvise.

Those who organize a theme party usually do not have a Venetian masquerade ball in mind. More often, organizers take their cues from movies or other pop culture phenomena. There are no limits to the imagination here. For the bachelorette party, it is also becoming more and more fashionable to put on matching dresses according to a certain theme.

If you want to torture the bride or groom with costumes, you can of course put on something suitable yourself. Especially sashes* are of course always very popular on such occasions anyway.

If you’re still looking for a theme, check out our article on the best theme parties.

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