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Wedding reception with adrenaline – the most exciting bachelor party ideas

For all adrenaline junkies and those who want to become one. We have compiled the best ideas for your JGA or bachelor party with adrenaline kick at Jochen Schweizer. Plunge through the sky, jumping off the Europa Bridge with nothing but an elastic rope. Nothing is too exciting, everything is allowed.

Airy to the bachelor party with adrenaline

Bungee Jumping

Woman bungee jumping for bachelorette party with adrenaline

For the JGA or your bachelor party, you want to experience firsthand what free fall feels like? No problem. Whether from the Europabrücke*, in Vorarlberg*, Carinthia* or from the Klaus dam in Upper Austria*, bungee promises relentless thrills. You can find even more bungee experiences here*.


Couple skydiving for bachelorette party, bachelorette party with adrenaline, exciting bachelorette party ideas

If bungee jumping is still too close to the ground for you, don’t fret. Skydiving is a popular pastime in Austria. With offers in six different provinces, a tandem jump* can be booked quickly and easily – for example in St. Johann in Tirol*.

For the really tough ones who want to take a few days right away, there is also a four-day military parachute base course* at Jochen Schweizer – not for the faint of heart.

Sightseeing flight over Vienna

Vienna from the bird's eye view during the sightseeing flight

Altitude is good, fear of death is not? You can also just look at Vienna from a bird’s eye view – from a small plane. Starting in Wiener Neustadt, you can enjoy the panorama of our capital city during a sightseeing flight over Vienna*, in addition to Bad Vöslau, Baden and the Kahlenberg.

If your groom or bride has always wanted to fly himself, you can fulfill this dream in Bad Vöslau*.

If you prefer to stay on the ground, but would like to know what it feels like in a real fighter jet, you can really get started with the Eurofighter Simulator*.


Man takes off with paraglider into a mountain panorama

Flies beat falling, planes are boring – okay, okay, we get it. How about a paramotor flight*? The best of both worlds meet high above the world as you glide through the skies in complete relaxation.

Falconry course

Falcon on falconry glove at falconry course for bachelor party with adrenaline

Majestic and dangerous – who always wanted to experience birds of prey up close and has about four hours time on his stag night, can fulfill this dream with a falconry course*. Saker falcon, gerfalcon, desert hawks and many other species may take a seat on your glove.

Dirt and thrill to the wedding party with adrenaline


Man makes fire with twigs at survival day

Eight hours of full-on toughness and learning skills that will undoubtedly help you when you inevitably get lost in the deepest jungle at some point. With a group of up to twenty people, you can really let the trainer and the forces of nature show you how it’s done on Survival Day*.

Wild sow dirt run for the wedding party

Man helps woman up a ramp at Wild Sow Dirt Run

Roll in the dirt, show what you’ve got and potentially even win a medal. At the Wildsau-Dirt-Run* you definitely can’t be squeamish, because the name says it all. On a course length of either 5, 10 or 20 kilometers, you can really roll around in the dirt. Not for couch potatoes!


glowing coals for a fire run for the bachelor party

You would walk through fire for the groom/bride? Prove it right now for the bachelor party. At the Fire Run* in Vienna, Burgenland, Styria or Bavaria, you can prove your nerve and win the right to brag about it forever.

Water action for bachelorette party

White water rafting

Steering a boat together through wild currents and rapids will bond your bachelor party group together. This is how unforgettable memories are created. Here you can find many rafting tours* in your area.


Man doing wild tricks while kitesurfing

Not for landlubbers – kitesurfing* is all about the action. Whether in the North Sea or rather at Lake Neusiedl or Lake Aachen. If you’ve always wanted to glide across the water at breakneck speed, this basic course is the perfect way to do it.

Motorsport for the bachelor party with adrenaline

In addition to the motorsport activities we have already presented in another article, we also have a few suggestions for you here.

Motocross training with world champion

Three people riding motocross on sandy terrain

It’s a bit of a drive – but you can train with a real motocross world champion* in beautiful Bavaria. Bernd Hiemer takes three hours to walk the route, get tips and, of course, ride the motorcycle.

Ride in the Formula 1 – car

two green formula 1 - cars on the race track

Pure speed can be enjoyed on a ride in a Formula 1 two-seater*. Wild curves, engine power and all that just above the ground. If you like it really fast, this is the place to be.

Other activities for the stag night or JGA

Too violent? Nothing to it? No problem. We have compiled for you in other articles the best activities for the bachelor party, the bachelorette party and of course the bachelor party for couples. Have fun browsing.

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