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Gifts for the bride for bachelorette party or hen party

Gifts for the bride, bachelor party, bachelorette party

Giving something for a bachelor party is not at all uncommon – but since wedding gifts are, too, people usually reach for something fun here that’s more for evening entertainment. Here are our suggestions for the best gifts for the bride.

The practical approach

Mug set*

If you’re going to have a bachelor party, why not provide matching drinking vessels?

You can’t go wrong with this cute mug set*. One of the most practical gifts for the bride.

Cute, durable and good for a laugh

Bathing with foam and roses is quite nice – but if you are newly married, a few matching accessories are a nice addition.

We are fans of these bride and groom rubber duckies*– a nice gimmick that you can have fun with for longer.

Rubber ducky bride and groom*

Stylish and traditional

Something blue*

One of the most classic bridal gifts for before the wedding, is a garter with blue ribbon*. White for the bride, blue for fidelity – and it’s a nice little surprise for the groom for the stag night, too.

Something to practice?

If you want to make sure that the poor innocent bride already knows what to expect on her stag night, you can give her this pretty bouquet*. Just for safety, so that you can remember certain… handling can become accustomed to.

With this the bride can practice already…*

A crown for the queen

A beautiful little crown*

…well, or something like that. For a particularly majestic appearance of the bride to the Polterabend recommends this crown jewel of the accessory art*. Fits especially well with our costumes for the bride.

But rather sentimental? No problem.

This booklet* doesn’t look like much, but it offers a beautiful way for a maid of honor to once again tell the bride everything you love about her.

I myself gave away the counterpart for my own partner two years ago and can definitely make a recommendation.

What I love about you <3 *

The tougher the bride, the more desperately she needs this book

Bling bling, oida*

What would a bachelorette party be if you don’t tease the bride a little bit?

For all those who desperately need more glitter* in their lives!

Basic equipment of each spouse

Being married can be stressful. So that your dear bride is prepared for the ups and downs of married life – and so that the worthy spouse always knows what is necessary for the happiness of his Holden – one should not do without this pretty set.

Wedding Equipment*

Prefer simpler gifts for the bride?

If all this is too kitschy or too silly for you, you can simply visit our store – whether it’s a bachelorette mask or a T-shirt, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for there.

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions. For all those who are still looking for something for the groom, there are of course tips. We hope you get exactly the amount of glazed eyes – or eye rolls – you want from your bride. Have fun!

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