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Bachelor Party 18+ – for those who like it hot

You have put together a great Bachelor Party, but somehow that certain something is still missing. And what’s a bachelor party if you don’t embarrass the groom a little? Where would be the fun if the bride does not blush?
For those who think exactly that, here are a few suggestions for the 18+ Bachelor Party – but don’t forget to check with the bride and groom beforehand. After all, we don’t want a disaster to happen.

Quite classic – stripper and stripper woman

Probably the most famous Bachelor Party 18+ activity is visiting a strip club or hiring erotic dancers. If you don’t want to miss out on this classic, you can take a look at Royal Diamond – by the way, they are currently running a Bachelor special with lower prices.

The Stella agency also offers everything the polterheart desires – specials such as a dance in a champagne glass or an LED dance are also available.

Elegant and sexy – the bourlesque show

A real strip is somehow too embarrassing for you, but a bit of risky fun would be nice? Consider going to a bourlesque show. They are offered in Vienna every now and then (for example, last year at the Atelier Theater).

Bourlesque is not just about undressing – it’s about aesthetics and entertainment. Artistry meets provocation, entertainment meets lasciviousness – a fun evening is guaranteed.

Bachelor Party 18+ – without any naked skin at all

If a striptease is a little too intense for you and you still like to find something provocative for the Bachelor Party party, bachelor or bachelorette party, you might like these suggestions.

Erotic cakes

Normal snacks were yesterday – how about an organic penis cake from the Hanauer bakery or a pretty pair of breasts specially created by the Fuchs bakery instead?

Very many confectioners have now entered the market of erotic bakery for themselves. Mostly also on special order entirely according to the customer’s idea.

Dildo party

Probably not too many people in their lives have thought, “I so want to sit with my friends and sip prosecco while someone tells me about the 20 vibration modes of the new Pussydestroyer Supreme 2000.” – BUT why not? Promises laughter, exciting toy info and good entertainment for a Bachelor Party 18+.

Curious now? Dildo parties have long ceased to be a niche. In addition to toys, fragrances with aphrodisiac effects or care products are also presented. There are many offers.

Amorelie offers dildo parties, for example. Likewise Monroe.

In D&D, you even get a gift as a bonus. Sounds fun? It is!

Accessories for the Bachelor Party 18+

What would a bachelorette party be without crazy accessories? That can be easily changed. Whether penis straw or phallic whistle – there is nothing that does not exist.

Ice cubes in the shape of a penis are a nice gimmick for those who like it a little more harmless. That makes the drinking games a lot more fun.

Meanwhile, in our research, we unfortunately haven’t found anything for the heterosexual gentlemen and their same-sex relationship comrades, but rest assured – we’ll keep looking. It doesn’t always have to be about penises.

If you still want to give the right finishing touch to your Bachelor Party 18+, you can have a look at our articles with the best gifts for the groom and for the bride.

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