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Bachelor Party in Graz – bachelor party in the Styrian capital

Around the historic old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can really enjoy yourself. In the city in the heart of Styria there are all kinds of cozy pubs, hip clubs and some exciting activities. This will make your Bachelor Party in Graz a guaranteed success. The short sidewalks make it very easy to rumble from one pub to the next.

In Graz, it is definitely worth planning at least the cornerstones of the evening in advance. But before we get to the evening program, we’ll first explain the basics about Austria’s second largest city.

Where does the bachelor party crew sleep in Graz?

Those who travel especially for the Bachelor Party in Graz are probably looking for an accommodation that is cheap and yet cozy. Of course, you don’t want to disturb anyone when you get home late at night. Unfortunately, options in the lower price segment are rather sparse in downtown Graz. The a&o hostel near the train station is good for those who are really just looking for a place to sleep after poling.

So a better tip is often privately offered apartments (eg via or AirBnB), where you can comfortably accommodate a larger group. Ideally, the accommodation should be located in or on the outskirts of the city center for easy access. By cab, however, you can reach almost everywhere within 15 minutes.

Day activities for the Bachelor Party in Graz

If you have a whole day or more to spare, you’ll find plenty of activities to properly ring in your Bachelor Party in Graz. Just outside the city, but easily accessible by bus, the Schwarzl Leisure Center offers action-packed sports like paintball, wakeboarding, go-karting and bungee jumping. You can also book karting action in Graz book here. Alternatively, you can just spend a relaxing day at the lake there. Relaxed it goes also in the Wellness area of the oyster or in the Spa to the sun, where one can be spoiled in peace before’s in the evening with the Poltern in Graz then so correctly round goes.

Mystery fans will get their money’s worth in several Escape Rooms with different themes such as Harry Potter or the zombie apocalypse. However, it is advisable to book several weeks in advance. If you’d rather see something of the city while solving puzzles, Tricky City offers an interactive scavenger hunt that sends you across the city center.

If we haven’t suggested the right activity for you yet, you can find more activities in Graz* here.

The compulsory program for non-Grazers at the bachelor party in Graz

For those groups, which visit the city for the first time for the Bachelor Party, it is almost a duty to climb the Schlossberg. Particularly sporty groups can tackle the 260 steps from Schlossbergplatz to the clock tower on foot. You could even make this a task for the bachelor or bachelorette. By the way, you can find more ideas for tasks and challenges here for the bachelor party and here for the bachelorette party.

It’s more comfortable in the Schlossbergbahn or, if you want to be transported through a hollowed mountain, in the lift. Several pubs on the Schlossberg invite you to enjoy the view over the city with a drink before daredevils can find out what it’s like to race through the inside of a mountain at full speed on the world’s highest underground slide.

Or start drinking right away?

Those who would like to use the day already as a preparation for the nocturnal foray, can already enjoy during tastings of the Puntigam brewery or the Bauer distillery. There you can prepare the right level to rumble even in the afternoon without attracting negative attention.

Tip: The Graz City Park

Especially on warm summer days, the Graz City Park offers space for almost any outdoor activity. After a cozy picnic by the fountain, you can sit until deep into the night on a balmy evening. Tip: Since there are a lot of people in the city park, especially in the summer, it is perfect for bachelor party tasks.

If you don’t have your own music with you, or just need a restroom and a drink every now and then, it’s best to place yourself near the parkhouse, or stroll into the Kombüse for a snack.

Fifty Shades of Graz

For those who want to get to know Graz in a way that suits the occasion, we recommend this very special Graz tour*. Ideal for those who want to learn about the Styrian acorn.

The perfect dinner for the Bachelor Party

But sooner or later, every member of the crew should get the right base in their belly. Because only in this way the Bachelor Party in Graz can run long into the night. In terms of cuisine, the city also leaves nothing to be desired. So do not forget: For partying, a good dinner is absolutely necessary.

Graz offers several excellent burger joints: notably Freigeist and Kirby’s, though reservations are essential at both. The Gösser Bräu is more traditional, while steak fans with a desire for upscale dining will get their money’s worth at El Gaucho. For those who like it cheaper and want to relive their student days a little last time, you can find inexpensive pizzas, toasts and more at the kitchens. The ingredients can be selected individually here.

The culinary scene is a bit more unusual on the western bank of the Mur, where you can taste your way through Styrian tapas at the Steirer or grab a bite to eat in the evening at one of the many stalls on or around Lendplatz. When it comes to street food, Hungry Heart especially shines here.

Evening program for the Bachelor Party in Graz

Finally, of course, the decision remains in which area you want to make the locals unsafe. You’re never far from a cozy pub in the city center, but there’s a wide range of options in town.

In the old town around Färberplatz is the infamous “Bermuda Triangle”, an area known for its party bars. If you’re looking for hit music in a small space, the Hasenstall or Mausefalle is definitely the place to be.

The university quarter, the student party mile around Sonnenfelsplatz, is just as exuberant. Places like the Kulturhauskeller or the Monkeys have been attracting the young party crowd with loud music and dark bars for years. On the other side of the Mur, near Mariahilferplatz, things are a bit more alternative. Where small boutiques offer a variety of shopping opportunities during the day, countless small pubs invite you to linger at night.

Just because the first pubs are slowly closing, your Bachelor Party in Graz does not have to be over. Because as long as you know the right clubs, there are hardly any limits. If you’re already in the university district, you won’t have far to go to Kottulinsky. Alternatively, the PPC near Lendplatz hosts regular theme parties. There you will be musically reminded of either the best or worst songs of days gone by. Those looking for electronic music can party into the wee hours at the Postgarage.

Armed with these tips, you should find something for every taste. So nothing stands in the way of your Bachelor Party in Graz. We wish you a lot of fun at the bachelor party in Graz!

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