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Gifts for the groom for bachelor party, bachelor party or wedding

At some point before the wedding reception, the question arises for every best man or maid of honor, just like for every other guest: what do I give the groom? That it is not easy to find the right gifts for the groom is clear. We present you in this article some crazy ideas for gifts that will definitely be remembered by the bride and groom. By the way, for the bride we also have a few suggestions.

Gifts for the future home builder

The handyman

After the wedding, the groom wants to start building a home as soon as possible? Or should grandma’s 100-year-old pad, which is inherited, be quickly spruced up? Well, a house like this – as we have known since Hinterholz 8* at the latest – does not build itself. On the contrary, in addition to good friends, a patient wife and enough cash, you need one thing above all: the right tools. Giving the groom the foundation for his own workshop as a wedding gift has been tried and tested for years. And honestly: what man is not happy when he gets tools as a gift.

Cordless screwdriver set from Makita*

Tools are the perfect gift for the home builder – and the possibilities are truly endless. The beginner will probably be pleased with a cordless screwdriver/drill set from Makita* or a powerful pneumatic hammer drill*. Advanced users who already have the basic equipment may be happy to have more specialized tools, such as an electric stapler*, a hand-held circular saw*, or an edge router*. If you know the future home builder’s workshop well, you’re sure to know what tools he’s still missing – otherwise, it pays to talk about future projects. For particularly expensive investments, by the way, it pays to combine so that the quality fits.

The Home Automation Nerd

Amazon Echo Show 8*

Alexa, open the garage door! Alexa, turn up the lights! Alexa, make me a sandwich! … If the groom likes to boss others around (or would like to boss others around), then he will have a lot of fun with an Alexa. These are available in various versions, from the top model with display* to the small but mighty Echo Dot*.

He likes to tinker and is interested in home automation? House construction is just around the corner and, in addition to the garage door* and the blinds*, the refrigerator also needs to be automated? But simple Philips Hue lamps* are too boring for you as a gift – you need something more special?

How about the latest Raspberry Pi*! Also supports Home Assistant, making it a smash hit for any DIYer in the making who wants to completely automate their entire home.

Raspberry Pi*

If you don’t dare to tinker with the Raspberry, you’ll probably be happier with a smart home control panel from Homee*. This is modularly expandable, supports all modern standards and is very easy to use. So you don’t have to be a computer genius to use it to automate your home.

Homee Smart Home Central*

For the house builder: give a gift of personalized doormat

Individual doormats from*

Fade “Welcome Home” floor mats are really yesterday’s news. And everyone has the one from Ikea, too. However, with a custom doormat, you can give free rein to your creativity. Such a doormat is a very special gag as a wedding or bachelor party gift. Can be ordered here on*.

Gifts for the groom for stress management

Coloring books

Coloring book with pooping animals*

Being married can get pretty stressful – so to help your poor groom keep up with his mental hygiene, be sure to gift him this high-quality, innovative mental self-cleaning tool. Because… uh… it’s a coloring book for pooping animals*. Need I say more?

The coloring book did not bring the desired effect? Well, there is one (or rather two) that pretty much always seem to work on straight men: Breasts. Thank goodness there’s a fantastic tutorial here* on what you can do with them.

Play with my Boobs!*

What to knead

What to knead…*

And if the beloved bride isn’t around at the moment, a plastic backup* like this can come in quite handy.

If you want to really piss him off

I call her… “The Stranger “*

Malicious tongues claim that the most important thing in the world after the wedding is neglected by many couples. Then it’s better to take precautions right away: give the groom a rubber doll to be on the safe side – it’s sure to get him through many years of marriage.

The best gift for the groom is something personal

We hope to have inspired you a little with our ideas for gifts – but there is one important thing we want to mention here: The very best gift often doesn’t have to be expensive, but can be something very personal. A photo album*, or a memory of a special moment often count more than material values.

* Commission link

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