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Making a hawker’s tray – our craft instructions

Finished hawker’s tray with filling*

A hawker’s tray simply belongs to every Bachelor Party. But if you don’t want to buy* a hawker‘s tray, you can easily make one yourself. We show you how.

Materials for the vendor’s tray

  • a box – shoe box, fruit box, it doesn’t really matter – the main thing is that it’s big enough
  • Paint – any paint, the main thing is that it does not stain when dry
  • wide ribbons – for example fabric gift ribbon
  • Decoration – glitter, stickers, tinsel, whatever suits your Bachelor Party is allowed
  • Scissors / saw and pencil
  • depending on the decoration stapler, glue, etc.

*Our instructions are a little easier with cardboard, but all the DIYers are welcome to go wild with wood.

Making hawker’s tray – Step 1 – Marking

Making hawker's tray - Figure 1 - mark

Start with your box. Measure about 2-3 inches from the corner at the front corners of your hawker’s tray and mark the spot.

Then draw a line on the long side from mark to mark, and on the short sides from your mark to the opposite corner.

Making hawker’s tray – Step 2 – Cutting in

Now cut or saw off the cardboard/wood along your mark to create the classic hakwer’s tray shape.

Crafting hawker's tray - Figure 2 - cut in

Making hawker’s tray – Step 3 – Drill holes

Making a hawker's tray - Figure 3 - Drill holes

Now poke 4 holes for your ribbons with scissors just below the corners.

Make sure that the holes are big enough so that you can easily put the ribbon through.

Making hawker’s tray – Step 4 – Ribbons

Now it is already time for your tapes.

Insert the ends of one ribbon through the front and back holes from the outside . Then knot the ends of the ribbons together on the left and right.

Making hawker's tray - Figure 4 - Attach ribbons

Handicraft hawker’s tray – Step 5 – Decorate

Making hawker's tray - figure 5 - finished hawker's tray

The basic construction of your hawker’s tray is already finished with these few steps.

All you have to do now is to decorate your work of art extensively and then fill it, of course.

It can be that easy!

Who still does not know exactly what to fill his hawker’s tray or what bride and groom can be done to their bachelor party, may like to read our articles with the funniest challenges for the bachelor and bachelorette party.

Have fun celebrating!

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