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Poling on the Vltava River – Poling and Boat Trip in Czech Republic

Here comes our absolute insider – tip for an unforgettable polterabend in the Czech Republic: Poltern on the Vltava during a wonderful boat trip!

You want to take a polter trip to another country or city, but Berlin, Barcelona and Prague are too crowded and also too expensive for you? Are you looking for endless fun that won’t tear a huge hole in your wallet?

This bachelor party trip combines everything your heart desires: adventure, fun, good Czech food and of course the world famous Czech beer!

Save money on boat trip to bachelor party in Czech Republic

You can combine this boat trip with a city trip in beautiful Budweis. You can get a hotel for three days with breakfast for under €100! And it goes on just as cheaply: a boat costs between €50 and €70 for a day, depending on the size. From a party group size of 5 people, a day on the water costs you only a ridiculous €10 per person! Tip: Here are more tips on how to save money on the bachelor party.

Let’s go: Rent boats in Vyšší Brod

Let’s go boat trip in the Czech Republic

As a starting point for your wedding trip on the Vltava River, we recommend the small town of Vyšší Brod and the provider INGEtour.

The most important info about rumbling on the Vltava River

You can create your own personal route depending on your mood. The respective providers have boats for 2 to 10 people. Each person is provided with a paddle and a safety vest. Each boat gets a lockable plastic barrel where you can put your valuables and change of clothes(!). Optimal time for your bachelorette party on the Vltava River would be between May and September.

You can still take waterproof bags with you, in which you can put provisions in case you get a little hungry. An absolute must is the liquid base: be sure to pack enough beer or the alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Of course, your boat can also be pimped – there are no limits to your creativity. Also, be sure to put together a playlist beforehand and take a waterproof boom box with you. This will ensure an unforgettable atmosphere during your bachelorette party on the Vltava!

With such a boom box from JBL you always have the perfect sound on the go*.

Boat trip: Off to the adventure!

You don’t have to have a lot of paddling experience, but you should be a little adventurous. In some places you have to overcome weirs and even get your boat out of the water and carry it a few meters further to be able to continue again. Here you’ll get a map that will help you see the more critical spots on your trip and react in time.

The water of the Vltava River is very clean, pleasantly cool, but not freezing cold – so if someone should disembark, he/she will not freeze to death right away. Especially on a hot summer day, the water is wonderful!

Also be sure to take extra rain gear with you. Suitable footwear for the boat are water shoes or swimming shoes, as you know them from your vacation in Croatia.
On the boat itself, you should not wear too much clothing – swimming trunks or shorts, bikini or swimsuit are optimal, over which you then put on the safety vest.

Ultimate checklist for boat trip & poling on the Vltava River:

Route for the boat trip on the Vltava River

The distance between Vyšší Brod and Boršov is about 70 kilometers and is the classic boat route on the Vltava River. In summer, thousands of boats sail along the Vltava, and boating is considered a popular sport among Czechs.

This route is great for a 2 – day trip and is also good for beginners. Within these 70 kilometers the landscape is constantly changing – if you have just paddled through the picturesque scenery of Krumlov, shortly after you are already drifting through densely overgrown lush green forests and rocky gorges. Since 1997, the Vltava River and its surroundings have also been a nature reserve and, together with the neighboring Bavarian Forest National Park, form the largest contiguous forest area in Europe.

Paddling through Krumlov – a real experience while poling

Overnight stay

To avoid any unpleasant surprises during your boat trip, you should think in advance how many days you want to spend on the water. After that the question is where and how you want to stay overnight.

There are many campsites along the river if you feel like spending the night outdoors. If you prefer a real bed and Czech home cooking, you can also stay in one of the numerous guesthouses along the Vltava River.

It is best to coordinate your overnight stays according to the landing places of INGEtour, so that the next day you can rejoin the river where you finished the previous boating day.

Another option would be to stay in a hotel in ?eské Bud?jovice and drive from there to the respective daily stages. You can also hire a shuttle service between the INGEtour piers if you are arriving by car and want to leave it at a pier upriver.

Catering during rumbling on the Vltava River

Catering during the boat trip is also provided – along the shore there are also smaller bars and snack bars at regular intervals, which you can reach by boat.

But you should always have enough snacks and drinks on board for in between. Beer and water are the most important, closely followed by chips and Soletti.

Poltern in Czech Republic: Budweis

If you are so hooked that you want to add a third day, there is still the possibility to drive an additional 20 kilometers from Boršov to Hluboká. However, here the river leaves the romantic valley surrounded by forest and flows through the city of Ceske Budejovice. This will also give you the opportunity to finish your wedding trip in ?eské Bud?jovice.

?eské Bud?jovice – interesting not only for its beer

This South Bohemian town is one thing above all: uncomplicated. And yet you will get your money’s worth here with your wedding party. In terms of culture, cuisine and nightlife, ?eské Bud?jovice is in no way inferior to the national capital Prague.

The most important point of orientation is certainly the historic main square in the city center. Here are also most of the hotels and guesthouses and you can relax in the cute little cafes. The best view of the city is from the famous Black Tower, but the climb is a bit tedious and should not be completed hungover.

?eské Bud?jovice has gained international fame mainly due to the locally brewed beer.
A brewery tour at the Budweiser Brewery would be a great daytime activity for your bachelorette party!

In a city where a liter of beer costs the equivalent of only €3, it’s really good to rumble anyway. The hearty South Bohemian cuisine of dumplings, roasts and ribs provides the right base. Meat eaters have a clear advantage in the Czech Republic.

In the old town and along the picturesque riverbank you will find numerous restaurants and bars, all within very quick walking distance. So you can just work your way from bar to bar and have a really good time at your bachelorette party in Ceske Budejovice.

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