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When to rumble?

Calendar with flowers and glass full of markers, When to celebrate the bachelor party?

To every good bachelor party belongs also a good time. But when to rumble? We’ll tell you!

At the traditional bachelor party

Those who wish to have a traditional bachelorette party usually celebrate on the evening right before the wedding. Dishes are thrown to drive away evil spirits and the bride and groom are then allowed to sweep up the broken pieces in joyful togetherness. Romantic housework – only at the Polterabend™.

When can you still rumble?

If you don’t quite like the idea of doing something the night before the wedding, don’t fret. After all, there are as many answers to the question of “When to rumble?” as there are couples. Most decide on a day or evening within the last two weeks before the wedding itself. This allows enough time to plan activities and games and still get enough rest for the wedding.

If the presence of all invited friends and relatives is particularly important to you, you can also simply choose your date according to when everyone has time. After all, it’s more about celebrating than about obeying any unwritten laws anyway.

Pocket watch with flowers and photos of a couple, when to rumble?

And what about bachelorette/bachelor parties?

At the bachelor party and bachelorette party is usually also celebrated within the last two weeks before the wedding. Especially if you have a lot planned that happens late at night (whether it’s drinking games or a bar crawl), you shouldn’t overextend yourself too close to the wedding.

When to rumble? Who do you invite? And who actually pays at the bachelor party?

Now you know when to rumble. But if you’re still wondering who to actually invite to the bachelorette party or who pays, we have answers for you. And if you still do not know what to wear to the wedding, we can help you with that, too.

In any case, have fun, don’t do anything your best friend wouldn’t do, don’t come to the wedding (too) hungover, and have a great bachelorette party.

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