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The best bachelor party costume for the groom

We couldn’t decide on the best costume….

Of course, there is no such thing as the best stag night costume for the groom. Every stag party is different. It always depends: Who will be get married, where will theparty take place, at what time of year will the stag night take place? Of course, these questions should be answered before you start looking for the groom’s bachelor party costume. We have compiled some of the funniest and craziest ideas for you here. Because very often the groom is to be played one or the other trick for this occasion once again, or he is to stand out in public once again.

Really Nasty: Borat’s swimsuit as a dare at the bachelor party

Bora costume*

If you want to give the groom a real thrashing on his stag night, you can challenge him to a very special bet: once a crowded place with a Borkini costume and back again! A real eye-catcher, passers-by will love you for it. You can buy it here*.

Fantastic: The fairy at the bachelor party

You think the groom has always had a feminine side? Wonderful, this bachelor party costume for the groom* is the perfect opportunity to finally live it up. Whether it’s dinner at the Leopoldauer Alm, dancing at the Bettelalm or crashing at the Roter Engel: with this costume, your bachelor party is guaranteed to stand out and a lot of fun is guaranteed.

Fairy costume*

It can’t get worse: The penis costume

Penis costume for bachelor party*

You think the groom should let his best piece hang out once again at the bachelor party before he puts it into eternal hibernation? So do we, and we found the perfect costume* for it.

The inflatable dino as a bachelor party costume for the groom

Who has ever encountered a T-Rex in the Bermuda Triangle, Vienna’s nightlife district, on a Saturday? No one? But then it’s high time, because this bachelor party costume* for the groom is the bomb!

T-Rex costume*

Get me a beer, my wedding is near!

Beer costume*

If you not only want to drink gallons of beer at the party, but also want to be accompanied by one, you should definitely put the groom in this costume*. Because there’s nothing better than ordering a beer at 5 a.m. at the sausage stand on Schwedenplatz dressed as a beer. Guaranteed.

What’s that, a unicorn?

Unicorns are sexy! Just put the groom in this beautiful unicorn costume*. He will thank you, because in this fantastic disguise the groom is not only well equipped for all kinds of games and competitions, he is also a real eye-catcher and attracts attention in any situation.

Unicorn costume*

Groom? Not quite.

Bride costume*

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is known to increase empathy. So you should put your groom in this costume* already out of pure charity. The bride will certainly thank you.

The best stag night costume for the groom: our T-shirts

Of course, since you can’t spend the whole evening walking around in one of these crazy costumes, you need more. That’s why we recommend one of our groom t-shirts from our store!

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