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Bachelor Party during CoViD – Virtual party despite Corona

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It has been quite a while now since the Corona virus became an issue. In addition to the confusion of frequently changing various policies, finding trade-offs for professional and personal life is a challenge in its own right. What to know about the bachelor party during CoViD, you will learn here. We have collected some info for you on how to organize a virtual bachelor party. Because the most important thing is: even when partying you should stay healthy!

Mask for the wedding night
Mask from our store

Basic rules for the bachelor party during Corona

The Emergency Measures Ordinance was in force in Austria up to and including February 7. The lockdown was also extended indefinitely in Germany. This means that catering establishments will have to remain closed, as will hotels, theaters and other entertainment venues. Only businesses important for basic needs such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, etc. are exempt.

Private parties are generally prohibited until the end of the lockdown. It is allowed to meet with others in private outside of curfew (20:00 – 6:00), but there is a limit of no more than six people from two different households. However, children need not be counted here – up to six minors may also be present. Keeping a safe distance, you can of course meet outside now that the weather is improving. In the Prater or other parks you can already see isolated birthday groups.

Masks are not required by law for private contact, but are definitely recommended. CoViD-19 is highly contagious and it is important to be mindful of personal safety. The new, even more contagious mutations of the Corona virus have also already been detected in Austria and Germany. In Vienna, 66% of people who tested positive are already infected with the new mutation.

The situation therefore makes it de facto impossible at the moment to party without endangering one’s health. But don’t be sad, we have picked out some fun alternatives for you.

In addition, an end is in sight, at least in Austria from 19 May for groups of up to 10 people an outdoor meeting is possible again. That is, you can celebrate your wedding at least outside properly. If you need inspiration for this, you can simply check out our articles with outdoor ideas formen and ideas for women. It also brings a garden party back within reach. But please still do not forget about distance and hygiene measures! Unfortunately, our German colleagues will have to wait a little longer, but opening steps are already planned here.

Alternatives to the personal bachelor party during CoViD – The virtual bachelor party

For those who still want to celebrate in the coming weeks, here are a few options. With these you can defy the Corona virus and have a virtual bachelor party. Because it has become apparent in recent months that we as a society become particularly inventive in difficult situations. Thus, birthdays, New Year’s Eve and Christmas were already celebrated during the pandemic. So why should not be possible to have a fun bachelorette party?

Anyone who works in a home office has most likely had to deal with programs that enable video conferencing and screen sharing. Whether it’s just chatting or doing activities together, here are a few tips for a virtual bachelorette party.

Communication means to party during CoViD


The ideal program with which to celebrate a virtual bachelor party during CoViD is Discord. In addition to standard features like chat, voice and video calling, you can of course also share your screen to view photos and videos together. This is also a great way to implement pair quizzes.

If you want to take a little more time, you can let off some steam here. Discord, in fact, offers the possibility of doing things like listening to music together or even game collections with classics like Truth or Dare to make available. A server created, a few bots installed and the party can start.

Discord was especially popular in the gamer scene before the pandemic, but is now catching on in a broader market. Here is a link to a super beginner tutorial. This will definitely make the virtual bachelor party a success.


The fastest growing video conferencing software since the pandemic began is Zoom. Besides chat function, group calls with and without video transmission and screensharing, everything is possible. Unfortunately, Zoom is quite complicated to use and in the free version all calls end automatically after 40 minutes. Therefore, we do not recommend it primarily for the bachelor party. However, Zoom also has its strengths. For example, with good Internet connections, it’s fast enough to make music together. So if you have a musical bride or groom, you can run wild with it.

Social games and activities for the bachelor party during Corona

Event at Home – simply party at home

One thing we’ve learned since the Corona pandemic began is that you don’t necessarily have to leave the house to enjoy delicacies. Because you can also indulge yourself quite easily despite Corona – by having that something fine delivered to you. But it’s not just mjam and lieferando that are booming; some cool new services are also taking off outside the mass market.

We have looked around for you and found some online activities that you can use perfectly for your virtual wedding or JGA.

Gin-tasting* orbeer-tasting* are easily possible from home – for the whole party crew. You can even take a virtual vineyard hike*– without having to get off the couch. Also in this online rum tasting* no throat remains dry. Of course, a whisky tasting* should not be missing from this list. This makes it easy to bridge the time until herd immunity. Here are more ideas for Austria* and Germany*.

The concept is as simple as it is ingenious: everything you need for the perfect evening comes in a box. Then you dial in together to a video call prepared by the provider and off you go.


No, we’re not asking you to break the Corona rules – please don’t have a “real” house party. We have an alternative for you.

If you have a smartphone and like to use it, we recommend the app Houseparty. As in the other programs presented, you will find the possibility of joint video conferencing (maximum 10 people). But that’s not all – Houseparty offers karaoke, quiz games and various variations of “Heads Up”, which is very similar to the well-known game Activity.

So if you want a fun game night, you will have a lot of fun with Houseparty.

Online Exit-The-Room

You start your favorite video telephony software and off you go: Exit the Room! Of course, the online variants of the popular game are not about a physical space. Instead, a series of puzzles must be solved together with fellow competitors in order to reach the goal. Since the beginning of the CoViD pandemic, there have been some providers. We can recommend the Nicolas Maison puzzle, which you can play right here*. – Online drinking game

Who would have preferred to fly to Ballermann for the bachelor party, should now pay close attention. To ensure that virtual drinking doesn’t become a dull affair, the colleagues at have come up with something. Namely, a complete, interactive online drinking game. Ranking included. Cheers!

Among us

The studio “Innersloth” also landed an unexpected quarantine hit with its game Among Us (“Among Us”). It works like this: You and your friends fly around in a spaceship. Everyone goes about their activities in peace…. except for one. Namely, one player is assigned the task of secretly taking his colleagues around the corner. Of course, he can’t get caught doing that. The fun of the game now is to work together to figure out who the bad guy is. The game is available on Steam, for Android or in the App Store.

Online karaoke

For those who would have liked to visit a karaoke bar during the bachelor party, there is also an alternative during the pandemic. All you need is Zoom and the LuckyVoiceKaraoke app. How this works, you can read here. Tip: The free 14-day trial version is sufficient for the bachelor party!

Decoration for the bachelor party during CoViD (or after)

Fuck CoViD19 decoration*

For those who can’t celebrate a “real” bachelor party due to the pandemic, we recommend this exceedingly civilized Fuck Covid banner*. It can be placed in the background of any video call – or used at the post-vaccination catch-up bachelorette party.

The perfect drink

We know the joke is as old as the pandemic. Still, we could not resist. The ideal drink for the bachelor party during Corona is of course Corona beer*🙂

The ideal drink for the bachelor party*.

Postponing and making up for the wedding night

Given the measures, few weddings are taking place at the moment, but here and there, even in these times, people choose to say yes to each other. Still, it’s worth thinking about whether you can postpone the bachelor party and wedding and catch up at a later date. Because we are sure of one thing: Corona will not be with us forever.

Recently, vaccination coverage was started. Depending on the country, it will take a while before the situation returns to normal. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that in the course of 2021 normal polter evenings or even polter journeys will be possible again.

Until then, we have already collected the funniest games, costumes and ideas for you. Because before the party comes the planning.

Who is now pissed that he has to postpone his bachelor party, should take a look at our store. Or pre-order the shirt for the bachelor party right away.

* Commission links

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