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The best game ideas for stag night and JGA

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Games provide entertainment at JGA

For the right party mood on the bachelor party or bachelor party sometimes also provide the right games.

Drinking games

To make the celebration really fun, the goal of many bachelor party groups is to quickly reach a suitable alcohol level. To make sure this works out well, we have put together the best drinking games for the bachelor party for you.

From the widely known “I’ve never” to Looping Louie* to Beer Pong* or even recommendations for drinking game apps, it’s all there.

Drinking games with dice and cards

Poker, Mäxchen, dice bingo … Dice games are especially good for on the road – because you can take dice super everywhere, whether to the pub or on the Polterreise.

For this reason, we have compiled the best dice drinking games for the bachelor party for you. You can also easily transport a deck of cards and take them anywhere. For this reason, we have collected the best card drinking games for the bachelor party for you here.

Challenges & Tasks

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! At bachelor parties, it’s popular to put the bride or groom through some nasty challenges. We have collected the best of these challenges and tasks for the bachelorette party and of course also challenges and tasks for the bachelor party for you.

Party – games for the stag night

Dream bride – game for on the road and in the club

If you are still looking for a game for the bachelorette party, then you can stop looking now. Because the Dream Bride games include everything you need to make your evening legendary. You can play these fun tasks and games either at home in a group or on the road with passers-by.

Pass cards

This is a game most people probably know from their first school parties. But it is still fun even shortly before the wedding. All you need is a playing card or any other piece of thin cardboard/solid paper. By sucking with the lips, pass the card from player to player in a circle (no hands allowed). Whoever drops the card is eliminated. The last remaining player wins.

Party hat game for JGA

Party hats and decoration material for the bachelor party
Party hat game for bachelor party*

In addition to party hats*, you need projectiles for this game – we recommend coins (2 points) and small styrofoam or cotton balls (5 points).

Players divide into teams of two and line up three to five meters from each other. One gets the party hat, the other gets the throwing objects. Now a timer is set and the teams have exactly that long to sink as many projectiles as possible into their party hats. The team with the fullest party hat wins.

Twister play on stag night

Twister playing surface
Twister was fun at school… and is fun on the bachelorette party*.

Stimulates blood circulation, promotes physical activity and reliably leads to funny contortions with matching laugh flashes. Twister* is a classic among party games and should not be missing from this list.

Cards against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Packing
Cards against Humanity*

Another classic among party games – this one is also perfect as a game for the bachelor party. With Cards against Humanity* everyone with a black sense of humor gets their money’s worth. One player per round draws a black card that says something like “Coming to Broadway this season: _________ the Musical.” – all other players may now fill the blank part with one of their white cards. Everything from “A gnawing sense of dread” to “All the liquid in my mouth” to “Sacrificing Uncle Tim” is included. Unfortunately, the game is currently only available in English.


Werewolf game packing
Werewolf game for JGA*

Another classic among the group games: Werewolf*. All you really need for this game is a piece of paper – but if you want something a little prettier, you can get one of the many versions available online.

A game leader is appointed, all other players draw a card blindly. On it is the role for the game – for example, “Werewolf”, “Villager”, “Hunter”, “Seer” and many more. What roles there are, is actually based on taste, options are indeed enough. But one thing always remains the same – each round all players close their eyes. The game master says “The werewolves wake up.” and all the werewolves open their eyes and now, as inconspicuously as possible, pick any player to be eaten. The wolves close their eyes again as instructed by the game master, the night continues – special roles such as the Seer (may look at one player’s card per turn) come into play and the day begins.

The village community now learns who was attacked by the wolves during the night and now tries to figure out who the werewolves are in the round. Whoever is most suspicious is selected and executed, thus eliminated from the game.

The first to eliminate all players of the opposing team (werewolves or villagers) wins.

Activity Club Edition

Activity Club Edition Packing
Activity Club Edition – perfect for the JGA*.

A classic among party games is Actvity. For the bachelor party or JGA, however, the normal version is potentially a little too boring. But if you buy the club edition from 18*, fun is guaranteed. Because instead of simple words like “whirlwind”, you have to be prepared to pantomime sex positions or toys and their use.

Conversation – games for the stag night

Maybe you don’t feel like buying any stuff, or you don’t find this item until you’re poling yourself and just want something quick to pass the time with. No problem, we have a few games for you that you can play completely without any material additions.

Monkey’s Pawn or Demon’s Wish

Simple, but ingenious. The game is played in a clockwise direction. One player makes a wish, for example, “I wish I could speak all languages.” Then the next player in the round now has the task of ruining this wish in a “demonic” way. He does this, for example, with something like “You can – you just can’t ever stop talking.” Or “You speak all the languages now, but no one wants to talk to you.”.

Optionally, you can also include a third player per round, whose job it is to save the now ruined wish. “Since you don’t like anyone anymore anyway, it doesn’t bother you” or “You’ll be the greatest rhetorician in the history of the world” are options, for example.

Would you rather…? / Would you rather…?

A very famous conversation game is “Would you rather…?”. Players take turns asking each other things like, “Would you rather live on the moon for a year, or have a one night stand with an orangutan?” This usually leads to quite funny discussions about why now one option is definitely the better one.

Who am I?

"Who am I" player on the stag night
“Who am I?” Game for bachelor party

This game is quite easy, eternally old and experienced a real hype after the Tarantino ham Inglorious Basterds*. It works like this: everyone gets a piece of paper with the name of a famous person pasted on their forehead, without knowing the name.

Now you are allowed to ask yes/no questions about yourself. The goal is to eventually guess which person you are. If you want to make the game even more polterabend-suitable, you can simply set the rule that after each wrong answer must be drunk.

Something nice

Not suitable for people who do not like to be nice. Whoever’s turn it is compliments everyone in the round. So they play in turn until everyone feels happy, satisfied and a little more confident. Caution – can lead to love and hugs.

Insult duel

This game promises some amusement. At the beginning you define some category (e.g. animals). Following this, you line up in a circle and each in turn must insult a randomly chosen player within that category. Each insult must contain at least one adjective and one noun – but there is no upper limit. “You small-minded aurochs,” “you deformed wagtail,” “you drug-addicted polar bear,” the imagination knows no bounds.

Anyone who hesitates, even briefly, must leave the circle. Likewise, who uses a word that has already occurred. In the beginning it’s quite easy, but that changes very quickly.

The last one left wins.


Okay, it may be a bit immature, but fun nonetheless in the right round. In turn, you have to say the word “penis” – always a little louder than the player in front of you. Above a certain volume, of course, this becomes unpleasant – the first to give in loses.

Pro-tip: This game is especially good for public transportation.

Name the position (in German: Benennen die Stellung)

A salacious game that requires creativity. The first player says an adjective. (for example, “green”), the second player a noun like “hake” – the third player’s task is now to explain what exactly the “green hake” sex position or practice is and how it works.

Fuck, Marry, Kill (in German: Vögeln, Heiraten, Töten)

One player gives another player three people to choose from. The interviewee must then indicate which of them he/she would marry, which would screw and which would kill. Of course, the game is not devoid of a certain black humor, but the fun is mainly in making the nastiest possible suggestions anyway.

Tip: Can also be played online:

More games for the bachelor party

Now this is our list of the funniest games for the bachelorette party. If that’s not enough, you can also check out our lists for drinking games in general, drinking games with cards and drinking games with dice. We wish you a lot of fun!

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