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Drinking games with dice – The best drinking games for the Bachelor Party

Drinking games with dice, dice, Bachelor Party
Alea iacta est – the die is cast and you must drink

So you’ve gathered the party-crew and the party is about to really get started? Or you’ve just arrived at the hotel on your dream trip and before you explore the city clubs, you want to get in the mood for the night in the hotel room and glow a little? We’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite drinking games with dice.

Drinking games with dice are a popular way to spice up an evening with friends and have a good time. They are easy to learn, require few utensils and are suitable for any type of party. In this article we will introduce you to some of the most popular dice drinking games and give you tips on how to play them. Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor party or just want to spend a cozy evening with friends, drinking games with dice are always a fun choice. So let’s get right to it and roll the dice!

Mia – the classic drinking game with dice

Two dice are rolled face down in turn – only the dicer himself is allowed to look at his dice. Afterwards, you say what you rolled – or lie. In fact, you have to name a higher value than the previous one. The next person in line now has the choice of believing the value or insisting on revealing the dice. If you insist on uncovering and you are wrong, you drink – if you are right, the liar drinks.

A “Mia” is when a one and a two are rolled. If a Mia is announced, the neighbor must drink – unless he accuses the caster of a lie. If the accuser is correct, the caster must drink twice.

Cubes that glow in the dark… wow!*
Colorful cubes*

Duke Number – the more complex dice drinking game

A die is the minimum requirement for this game. The dice are rolled in turn, each number is assigned certain actions. Duke Number is one of the more complex drinking games with dice, but it’s a lot of fun.


Everyone must shout “First! Whoever is slowest must drink. If it can not be said exactly, all must drink, which definitely were not the fastest.


Whoever rolls a two determines two players. They now have to hold a dice duel – everyone rolls three times, the numbers are added up. Whoever has the lower number must drink. If it is a tie, both drink.


When a three is rolled, the caster must leave the room and change three details about himself. When he or she returns, the group has three minutes to find those changes. If the group is successful, the one who rolled the three drinks three sips – but if the group doesn’t make it, everyone else drinks three.


The classic rule for four is that the caster now has four seconds to build a tower from four cubes. If the player does not make it or the tower falls down, you have to drink four times. However, if the player successfully displays his cubic engineering skills, whoever rolls a four next must drink.

Alternatively, if you don’t have that many dice on hand, you can take a penny coin that the dicer has to balance on its edge within four seconds, or set up a certain number of card pyramids, or whatever else presents itself as a substitute.


There are several rules here.

Some sets of rules dictate that nothing happens at all. Others put on the five the introduction of a new rule (like “No one is allowed to use the word ‘I’ anymore.”) – if you break a rule, you have to drink.


If you roll a six, you get to enjoy your short-lived noble status as Count Number. Now a dice duel is played in the round with each player. Everyone rolls the dice once each, the lower number must drink.

Dice Bingo – drinking game

Besides dice, this game also requires pen and paper for each player. Depending on how many dice you take to hand, the same are written on the slip of paper in bingo style. Now the dice are rolled in turn.

You may cross out the number you roll on your own paper. The first person to cross out everything wins.

But of course, things are not that simple. If a nine is rolled, you change direction. If you roll a seven, or if you roll a number that you have already crossed out, you have to drink. On a five, all slips are passed to the left and on a three, the left neighbor drinks.

If you play with two dice, there is still the rule on the eleven that the right neighbor drinks.

Evil one – the simplest drinking game with dice

Drinking game, drinking games with dice, dice, bachelor Bachelor Party, evil one
Just don’t roll the 1!

Evil One is one of the simplest drinking games with dice.

It is played clockwise with two dice. Each player may roll the dice as many times as he or she wishes, but in any case must beat the previous player’s numerical value.

If a one appears, the player has lost and must drink.

Mr. Major

One of the funniest drinking games with dice, is known by more names than you can even count. Two dice are rolled in turn, each number has rules.


The caster must drink.


The left neighbor must drink.


The right neighbor must drink.


All players must put their own finger on the nose as soon as possible. Whoever does it last has to drink.


The caster may designate two people to drink.


Everyone must drink.


Nothing happens unless an additional rule has been placed on the eight ball.


The caster determines a word. Until it is the caster’s turn again, this word may not be used. If someone does say the word, he or she must drink.


New rule – the caster may set a new rule for the game. This can be anything like “before each sip, you must circle the table once” or “X may only be addressed as ‘Gertrude von Pfannkuchen’ for the rest of the game.”


Like the eight, this number is not occupied at the beginning of the game. But if you roll a ten, you can naturally assign a rule to the eleven.


If a twelve is rolled, all players must call out “Mr. Major”. Whoever does it last has to drink.
The caster is now the new “Mr. Major” until the next time a twelve is rolled.
Whenever it occurs to him or her, he or she can address a random player with “Lieutenant, how’s the weather?”. The “lieutenant” must salute and shout “Sunny, as always, Major!”. If you blab or are too slow, you have to drink.

If you’ve played the games properly, you shouldn’t even be able to read this paragraph. However, if for some unknown reason you do manage to do that, you can still find drinking games with cards and the best drinking games in general here. Cheers!

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