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Drinking games with cards

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A simple deck of cards can be more than enough for a fun evening of drinking games

The party is on, but everything from God to the world has already been talked through, the usual suspects are on their fourth drink, while the slow drinkers are still sipping the first. Now is the perfect time for a drinking game. As promised, we’ve rounded up for you the funniest drinking games with cards for the bachelorette party (or any occasion, to be honest).

Tip: Waterproof cards

Waterproof cards survive the bachelor party*

A waterproof deck of cards* never hurts during steamy celebrations.

Mia as a drinking game with cards

This dice game is also perfect to play as a drinking game with cards. Cards are drawn from the deck in turn – the players’ task is to predict whether the card will be higher, lower or the same. If you’re wrong, drink.


Similarly, like Mia, something is announced here before cards are drawn – namely whether you will be dealing with spades, hearts, diamonds or clubs (respectively, bells, hearts, leaves or acorns).

But that’s not all by a long shot. Whoever is right gets to keep his card.

Three cards can be redeemed for letting someone drink. Or you can save them until you have 5 and give a random person a task to complete. Larger groups should either play with multiple sets here, or adjust the “prices” somewhat.

King and bad boy

For this drinking game with cards, from a deck of cards is taken a king, a jack and then as many cards as necessary so that everyone in the group can draw one. The deck is then shuffled as best as possible and each player draws a card. Whoever draws the king announces this with a “Majesty present”, the rest make sure that nobody can see their own card.

Whoever has the jack now has the task of getting rid of it as quickly as possible. You do this by either unobtrusively slipping the card to someone, or by getting someone to touch the card, intentionally or unintentionally.

The king can shout “Jack drinks!” at random times, whereupon everyone now checks whether the jack has been slipped to him. By the way, if you make it to the king, the majesty may drink twice.

This game is most fun when played throughout the evening.

King’s Cup or Circle of Death

Card deck*

The classic drinking game with cards. You need a typical plastic cup*(preferably a slightly larger one) and a deck* of the usual 64 cards.

The cup is placed in the center of the table, the cards in a circle face down all around. Now you draw cards clockwise (or counterclockwise, no one can prove you anyway). Each card has its own meaning/rules.


Whoever draws this card gets to choose any player to drink two sips.


Whoever draws this card drinks a sip.


Pick any player you like. Both of you must drink two sips each.


Men’s round – all men at the table must drink.


Ladies round – all ladies at the table must drink.

Seven – Thumb King

Whoever draws this card is the new King of Thumbs. Whenever he/she pleases, the thumb king places his/her thumb on the tabletop. Everyone else has to follow suit as quickly as possible – the last person to put his thumb on the edge has to drink. And in keeping with royal privilege, the thumb king may repeat this as many times as he or she wishes.


Drinking Buddy – pick any player. This one is now your new Drinking Buddy – whenever you need to drink in the game, so does he or she.


Rhyming Time – the card puller picks a word. Now rhyme on it in turn. If you take too long or if you can’t think of anything, you have to drink


All must drink


Whoever draws this card can rejoice – you are now allowed to set a new rule. These can be things like “No one is allowed to use the word ‘I’ anymore” or “Whenever Alex drinks, Sabrina drinks too.” or, if you want to have a good time for once, you can stipulate that in the future all sentences must end with a compliment.

If you break a rule, you have to drink.


Category round – the card drawer determines a category and in turn everyone has to name something from that category. If you take too long, or if you can’t think of anything, you have to drink.


Empty your drink (or at least some of it) into the cup in the center. Whoever draws the fourth king must finish the thing.


Tide round – the card puller starts drinking and everyone else has to join in. No one may set down until the person on the right stops drinking – and the first to stop is only the card drawer.

Stack blowing

A stack of cards is placed on the neck of a beer bottle. In turn, you now have to blow on the pile, throwing down only one card at a time. If you catch more, you have to drink.
Optional additional rule: You can limit the number of attempts to avoid having to wait all the time because someone is blowing away with minimal effort.


One deals, each player receives the same number of cards. The encoder now repeatedly calls out values that must now be stored. In each round, a card must be discarded, whether you have the right value or not.

If you think you’ve caught someone in a lie, shout “Bullshit!”. If the player is right, the liar must drink. If not, of course, the wrong accuser. The first to get rid of all the cards wins.

River cruise

For this drinking game with cards you need two decks of cards, which are mixed together. Each player receives four cards and places them face up on the table in front of him. The rest is placed in the center.

Upstream: A card is drawn four times – whoever has a card of the same number in front of him must drink. If someone has more than one, must drink according to the number.

Downstream: Now we turn around. This time, however, those who have a card of the same value in front of them can designate someone to drink. It’s a way to keep the level in the group balanced – and a little mischievous.

So there they are, our card drinking game suggestions – at least for now. Whenever we find something funny again, you can be sure that we will expand the article.
If that’s not enough, you can find more drinking games here and another list of drinking games with dice here. And now – off you go! Have fun celebrating. 🙂

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