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Luxury Bachelor Party – stag night for Rich Kids (and those who would like to be)

Champagne cork pops in fireworks from the bottle to luxury Bachelor Party
Pop the corks one last time before the wedding with our Bachelor Party bash tips!

We’ve already told you how to plan a low Bachelor Party bash. Just as you can get a proper adrenaline rush for the JGA. But what about those who want a luxury Bachelor Party or stag night? For those who crave a highly hedonistic evening, we have the best tips ready.

Luxury Bachelor Party – Activities

How do you recognize the rich kids of instagram? Right, to their fancy activities and their cars. But you don’t have to be an Arab sheik to cruise around in a luxury car on your Bachelor Party. Or to golf like Tiger Woods. Whether sports car, helicopter cab or golf, we have the right tips for you.

Driving sports car

Whether Ferrari*, Porsche*, Mustang*, Lamborghini* or Tesla*. If you finally want to feel all the horsepower in the world beneath you, don’t miss this opportunity. Sports car to the luxury Bachelor Party? We say: Hell yeah!

Stretch limousine

For you, Bachelor Partymeans rather not having to drive yourself? No problem.
Besides decadent companions like those from Royal Limousines, there are countless limo rentals in Austria. If you prefer to book an entire Bachelor Party, stretchlimousine-mieten is the right place to go. In some German cities you can also book Hummer Stretch Limos directly online*. If the Hummer limos are too ostentatious for you, you can also book classic limos*.

Golfing like Tiger for luxury Bachelor Party

View on man from behind playing golf at luxury Bachelor Party
Hole in one – is there a better metaphor for the pre-celebration of marriage?

Okay, maybe that sounds cliché to you. But the fact is that golf is becoming increasingly popular in Austria. The 15 golf clubs in Vienna and the surrounding area alone speak for themselves. So if you want sporty Bachelor Partyin a green atmosphere, the 18-hole Süssenbrunn course, for example, can convince you. Or would you prefer the C&C Wienerberg? In any case, there is enough choice. Anyone outside of Vienna can also easily book their taster golf course online*.

By the way, excessive alcohol consumption is not necessarily welcome on golf courses. So try to appear reasonably respectable during your trial training. You should only steal the golf carts afterwards.

Take off to the luxury Bachelor Party

Helicopter during sightseeing flight over the Alps
Don’t let the rotor blades shave you!

Above the clouds… you can really enjoy yourself. Whether it’s for a 30-minute sightseeing flight over Austria* or straight away for a round-the-alpine flight + breakfast*, not even the sky is the limit. If the breakfast offer is too far for you, there are also other flights around the Alps*– so mountain fans will definitely get their money’s worth.

Flying is good, helicopter noise can not do anything? Fair! Then perhaps a glider flight up to the Zugspitze*?

For the very daring with a lot of time (and a deep wallet) we have even found a very special treat: A six-day astronaut training with parabolic flight* at the Kennedy Space Center. The flight from Frankfurt to Orlando, 4 nights at the Kennedy Space Center and much more included. Those who want to experience real weightlessness will definitely find their happiness here.

Luxury Bachelor Party on the boat

Who has a lot of budget for the Bachelor Party, perhaps anyway think about a Bachelor Party Trip after. In addition to party yacht trips for six* or island hopping on Ibiza*, there is also some Bachelor Partyto be experienced on Austrian and German waters.

For example, a sailing trip – either for as many people as you want* or specifically for a group of four*. If you want to enjoy the sunset and a sparkling wine, you can venture out on the cool waters of Lake Traunsee or Lake Ossiach*. This party donut at Lake Constance* is also great for your JGA.

For the very spoiled, of course, there is always a cruise on the Danube. Here, the list of offerings is far more limitless than our beautiful blue one. And if you really want to spend a lot of money, it’s best to take a party trip to Ibiza!

Expedition to the North Pole – Survival Bachelor Party?

Man standing in snowy landscape at night
Unique, magical and dangerous – the North Pole!

Are you bored with normal life? For some reason you feel the need to freeze your butt off and be able to say at the end: “Hah, I was at the North Pole!”? To you,Bachelor Party” means rolling around in your sleeping bag in the snow in the fiercest conditions?

You will not get the real hotel luxury with this activity. Here, it is rather only the price that is luxurious: a whopping €50,000. Yes read correctly, fifty thousand euros. You can book this luxury expedition to the North Pole* here.

Shopping luxury – Milan, London, Florence

Woman at luxury Bachelor Party shopping tour looks at camera and holds up her shopping bags
Whether designer or handmade – some things you have for life.

The sun on your face, your wallet loose – and you end up with beautiful souvenirs, too. Shopping on the world’s high streets can be a fantastic experience. How about the Italian charm of Florence*, for example? Or would you rather hit the streets of New York and then sleep in style at the Hilton*?

No matter whether Milano, Paris or another fashion world city – a shopping tour does not lack Bachelor Partyin any case.

Bachelor Party- the most beautiful hotels

If you want to party upscale, you also want to sleep upscale. We have collected the most beautiful hotels for you.

Wellness & mountain air

Mountain panorama with forest and river
Take a breath, sip a cocktail and avoid cold feet before the wedding with warm socks!

Mountains, sun, good food and wellness. Sounds good? It is.
In the 5-star HochLeger Bergchalet* in Tyrol, you can really let your senses dangle – in the middle of the Tyrolean natural world. Those who appreciate Lake Aachen will feel right at home in one of Hotell Kristall’s suites – or, more likely, even better.

Speaking of chalets, Salzburg can also add luxury to your Bachelor Party in all its goodness. A weekend in St. Johann im Pongau* can already be seen.

Luxury Bachelor Party – imperial style in Vienna

Vienna, Vienna, you alone… is still full of magical places from nobler days. In addition to the Palais Coburg, which impresses with suites in the style of old pomp, there is still a lot to explore.

If you want to visit the world-famous Hotel Sacher for more than just coffee*, you can also take a room there. Nowhere does it even feel as imperial as in the Grand Signature Suite – and hardly any other suite offers so much decadence in so much space as that of Madame Butterfly. The Sacher should therefore not be missing from any list of the best luxury Bachelor Party hotels.

Modern Bachelor Party- Berlin, Vienna, London

The Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna is more modern yet stylish. In addition to the cigar room, two bars and restaurants with all the comforts you could wish for await you there. And all this easily accessible in the middle of Vienna.

Of course, you can poltergeist luxuriously not only in Vienna, but also in Berlin* or London.

Luxury Bachelor Party – have fun!

That’s it with our best tips for the luxury Bachelor Party. So, for now – as you know, we update our content regularly.

But to make sure everything goes smoothly, don’t forget to read our tips on planning and budgeting. Have fun with the rumble!

*This article contains commission links.

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