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Wedding party ideas for decoration

You want to glow in a good atmosphere, have rented a pub or have decided to have a bachelor party in home party style. Now, of course, you need decorations. We reveal our best decoration ideas for the stag night. For those who do not yet know what they want to do on their stag night, feel free to check out our suggestions for activities.

Table – decoration ideas for the bachelor party

Table lights in the bottle

Fairy lights corks – very fancy*

Inexpensive and ingenious – with these light chain corks* you can not only give old glass bottles a new shine, but also let the whole room shine in a homely atmosphere.

Glass marker

Never mix up glasses again*

“Was that your glass or mine?” – if you want to avoid this question without immediately switching to plastic cups and sharpie, you can’t go wrong with these glass markers*. After the celebration, the inscription can be easily removed with water.

Glass markers for the bachelor party*

If you don’t feel like writing, you can simply make do with these pretty glass markers*. Conveniently, a wine stopper is included right away. So no one forgets which glass was their own.


Napkins for the bachelor party*
Napkins for the bachelor party*
Napkins for the bachelor party*

Where there’s alcohol, there’s fluff. So that you can remove them in style, of course, can not lack paper napkins. We like these two models, which are called “I do Crew “* and “Mr. & Mrs.”* immediately set an undertone of anticipation. If you’d rather take the opportunity to spare yourself long-winded festive speeches, you can also simply tell your guests everything elementary with proverb napkins*.

Decoration ideas for the stag night


Easy to make yourself and looks great – a party banner is suitable for both bachelorette parties and bachelor parties. All you need is a base and textile markers*. If an old-fashioned banner is too boring for you, you can also go for something more creative like a pennant chain*.

Pennant chain to paint for the bachelor party*
Textile marker for the wedding banner


Guest book especially for the wedding eve*

If you want to get your best wishes for the wedding or simply document funny memories, you can use a guest book*.

You can still have fun with it years later.


Lightshow for the stag night*

Bieder was yesterday and who likes Schlager? If you want to dance to electronic music with your wedding party one last time before the wedding, a fun, portable light show* is sure to please. You can also use them at the wedding. So the party can get started!

Fireworks to hang

LED fireworks*

A festive eye-catcher with little effort – if you want to add fireworks atmosphere to your wedding-eve party, you can’t go wrong with LED fireworks*. Just turn it on, hang it up, and you’re done.

Not enough decoration yet? Actually you want to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party? No problem. Here you will find our best decoration ideas for bachelor party and bachelorette party.

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