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Bachelorette party ideas for women – bachelorette party

Difference hen night bachelorette party for women
Women celebrate a bachelorette party

Girls’ night out is on!

Anyone who watches American movies* is also familiar with the tradition of really letting your hair down before finally leaving single life. Or just relax and have a great day with your girlfriends. The whole thing is called Bachelorette Party. Or quite simply: wedding night for women.

In this article we will tell you what you need to do to make sure that your wedding reception will be remembered by everyone. We have collected the best ideas for rumbling for you.

What happens at the bachelorette party?

The procedure is usually as follows: first, the bride’s best friends do something with her. This can be a fun activity, a lavish brunch – or whatever suits the bride. As a friend of the bride, you probably know best.

In most cases, this is followed by a legendary party. To increase the fun factor, the bride often has to wear a funny costume and solve funny tasks and challenges.

Our tips

This list is focused on the Vienna area. We have also already compiled some tips for the wedding reception in Graz. Basically, however, the ideas work everywhere, no matter where you are.

Small disclaimer on the side – we have classified the bachelor party and bachelorette party activities not least by relaxation factor. So if you don’t fancy a spa day and wine tasting, feel free to take a look at these tips for super tough guys or have a browse through our article Polterabend für Paare – auch für Junggesellinnenabschiede geeignet. But now let’s go – here are our ideas for the perfect bachelorette party for women.

Bachelorette party ideas indoor

Before the party really gets going in the evening, it’s good to take it easy for a while. Therefore, we have collected a few relaxing ideas for the wedding reception for women.

Spa Day

Massage, sauna, spa bath – for those who want to really treat themselves before humping, a spa day is an excellent choice. There are some beautiful spas in Austria and Germany, with our partner Travelcircus you can book great combination packages with accommodation directly*.

For those who don’t want to leave Vienna, there are great options within the city as well. For example, you can treat yourself to a Relax! day vacation at Therme Wien. At 85 euros per person for basic use, it is also affordable for normal earners. Or how about a massage, hamam bath and subsequent beauty treatment at the Aisawan Spa Boutique near Stephansplatz? From there it is also far to the nightlife district, the Bermuda Triangle. Also practically in the city center you can find this wellness day with facial treatment and full body massage*.

For those who want to relax in a particularly beautiful setting, there is also the Arany Spa. This beautiful spa at Hyatt Park lives up to its name (Arany comes from the Hungarian word for “gold”). In addition to wood-paneled fitness rooms, you can look forward to pool activities in the former vault of the National Bank.

Wine tasting

Swirling the glass in style, saying things like “Oh, very mild on the finish” and feeling highly sophisticated? No problem. Wine is as much a part of Vienna as St. Stephen’s Cathedral and grumpy waiters. Therefore, you have lots of options to select from and you will find the right thing for you.

How about a tasting just for women, for example? Wine enjoyment whole without rooster in the basket! You can book directly here*! Or you can take a sporty approach with a full-day guided wine bike tour through the Wachau. Alternatively, you can set out on your own and cycle through the beautiful Weinviertel and stop at one of the many nice Heurigen.

If this is too strenuous for you, you can simply relax and let us show you the most beautiful wine cellars directly in Vienna. You can taste exciting wines from three different winemakers – with 2 hours duration this is Tour* a good choice for those who do not want to take on too much. Snacks included.

But rather classic with explanations about wine, cheese and nice conversations? Here you are right. Six selected wines representing Austria’s wine culture may be tasted – while enjoying pleasant conversations and sharpening the taste buds.

If you don’t want a prefabricated program, by the way, you can simply call the Heuriger of your choice. Most of Vienna’s Heurigen offer excellent wine tastings for small groups.

Cocktail course

All those who find wine too boring and for whom it contains too little alcohol anyway, should now pay close attention. Because if you want to not only drink cocktails in the future, but also make them yourself, then a cocktail course is just the right thing for you. You can book a three-hour cocktail course directly here*. Whether it’s a mojito, appletini, or caipirinha, cocktails not only taste good, but also lift your spirits, making them a perfect activity to polish off.

Escape the Room

Puzzling fun in a team – difficult, easy, long, short, the Escape the Room scene in Vienna offers something for everyone.

One of Vienna’s top rated organizers is Crime Runners – 4 different scenarios to choose from, all packed with puzzle fun. Whether you want to stop a corrupt politician or find the blood sample of Patient Zero, excitement and fun are guaranteed.

Indoor & outdoor scenarios offered by Time-Busters. Versatile missions, divided into indoor and outdoor, promise versatile entertainment. Those who feel cosmopolitan can also try the special Escape!-mission. This is an art project that is about escape. However, cooperation with strangers is part of the concept. So if you want a closed society, you’d better stick to the standard missions.

Find even more Escape the Room missions near you here*.

Painting ceramics

Being creative, messing around with colors and being able to pick up what you’ve created after 2-4 days and take it home with you? Made by You offers exactly that – in the bright and friendly business premises in Liechtensteinstraße you can let off steam to your heart’s content.

If you prefer to paint with your friends at home, machmitkeramik can deliver a specially assembled basket. For firing, you can either bring your own artwork to the store yourself, or have a delivery service pick it up. But of course you can also go to the store in Perchtoldsdorf.

Museum of illusions

Another little tip for those who want a short but fun experience – the Museum of Illusions in the 1st district is definitely worth a visit. This is not a dry collection of exhibits, but various optical illusions – including many where/with which fun photos can be taken. So if you want to look like you’re huge for once, you can let off steam in this small but nice insider tip.


A photo shoot at the bachelorette party can reveal a lot….

Dress up in crazy costumes, make faces, pose sexy – and create unforgettable memorabilia in the process. It is not for nothing that photo boxes have become indispensable at weddings in recent years. So if you want to feel like Heidi Klum for once, you will definitely have a lot of fun with this activity for the bachelorette party.

In Vienna, Press the Button takes the “selfie” concept to the extreme: here you can choose between different backgrounds and disguises, and all you have to bring is a good mood. Photo shoots with photographer for up to 5 people can be booked directly here*. It’s best to discuss with the photographer in advance what your ideas are for your shoot. Tip: Don’t forget selfie props*!

Outdoor ideas for bachelorette party

Alpaca hike

You always wanted to pet the fluffiest fluff in the world? The wait is over! Why not take your Polter group on an alpaca hike*? There you will not only learn interesting things about the cuddly animals, but you will also be allowed to pet them and take them for a short walk.

Alpacas, which actually come from South America, are also popular pets and farm animals in our country. For this reason, you will find a variety of offers in Austria and Germany*.


Hiking together through forests and meadows and hunting 3D models of animals – that’s fun. Who celebrates the JGA in Vienna, can look at the bow parkour at the Kahlenberg. Afterwards, you can also move on directly with the poltergeist group to one of the fantastic Heurigen. There you can enjoy the view in peace and sip spritzes. If you’re not celebrating in Vienna, you can find more archery options* here, which you can also book directly.

By the way, you do not need your own equipment for this. Bow and arrow can be borrowed from all bow parkours. So thise activity for the bachelorette party is also suitable for beginners.

Bubble Soccer

Wine tasting, brunch – much too boring? If you’re more in the mood for dashing across a field with friends in giant inflatable balls, BigBallSoccer and BubbleSports are recommended. It’s fun and something different. You can also find other Bubble Soccer providers near you* in Austria and Germany.

Flight of fancy with Flying Fox

If you are not afraid of heights and want to feel really free for once, you will have fun with a Flying Fox. The adrenaline kick is not of bad parents. In Vienna there is an urban flying fox – directly over the harbor basin of the Donaumarina down to the Marina Restaurant. 380 meters of free flight. Sounds fun? It is. By the way, you can book tickets for five via WienAdventures – the 5th ticket is free. For those outside of Vienna, there are plenty of alternatives*.

Evening program for the wedding night for women

Challenges for the bachelorette party

When it comes to rumbling, good conversation is the most important thing. This is guaranteed with our fun tasks and challenges – we have written a separate article for this. From JGA bingo to selfie challenge, it’s all here.

The all-round carefree package with lots of challenges –“Dream Bride – the game*“. – but you can also simply buy it. This will definitely make your bachelorette party a success.

Bar hopping made easy

By the way, Miomente offers some exciting experiences – for example, how about bar hopping without any annoying planning? Designed specifically for bachelorette parties, this package* lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.

Or you can simply plan the whole thing yourself. Just put your favorite bars on a list and off you go!

Home Party

Why complicate things when they can be simple? If you don’t want to make a big effort, you can simply have a home party. Drinking games, fun activities, alcohol at supermarket prices, a few movies and the absolute freedom to do whatever you want. But if it gets louder, you should tell the neighbors beforehand.

Speaking of home parties….

If you want to make sure you have a bunch of fun photos to take home from your bachelorette party, be sure to get the Selfie is the Bride* game. Draw a card, snap it and you have a crazy collection of funny moments for your photo album.

Food, Travel, Decoration


Brunching is always fun – also and especially on festive occasions.

How about a brunch 60 meters up in the Danube Tower, for example? The TurmCafé am Donauturm offers a brunch buffet with everything your heart desires.

When it comes to all-you-can-eat brunch, Restaurant Zweitbester is also highly recommended on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Between 10 and 14 o’clock you can let off steam there.


If you’re not that into brunch, you can of course just go out to eat. The list with the most recommended restaurants for the hen party in Vienna is here. But of course you can also make yourself comfortable with a guided culinary restaurant tour* from Miomente.

Or how about a picnic? Danube Island, Vienna Woods, Augarten, Schönbrunn – in Vienna there are countless places for a snack in the countryside. Spread out your picnic blanket* and off you go. Tip: with a good cooler bag* your drinks will stay cool for many hours.

By the way, cooking together can also be a lot of fun. At the last bachelorette party I attended, we baked cupcakes together. Bonus: Thanks to food coloring, each cupcake was different inside. We took advantage of that right away for a game.


If you prefer a more classic approach or are looking for something more long-term, feel free to look around further. How about a bachelorette trip, for example?


So that it also works with the decoration, you will find here the best decoration ideas for the bachelorette party in general and the best decoration tips for bachelorettes.

* Commission links

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