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The best drinking games for the bachelor party

Drinking games are versatile. Skill, creativity or even a good attention span – no matter what is required, playful drinking is often simply more fun. We have collected here for you the funniest drinking games for the bachelor party.

But because there are so many of them that you don’t even know where to start, here you will find games that you can simply play with a deck of cards and here games with dice.

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Drinking games for the bachelor party without equipment

Never have I ever

A classic among drinking games. In “Never Have I Ever,” the game is played in rounds. Whoever’s turn it is says something he or she has never done, for example, “I’ve never been skinny dipping.” – Those who have done it before drink. Everyone else doesn’t.

But beware: if you’re on the turn to bring up something he or she may very well have already done, you’ll have to drink twice.

Who am I?

Most people know this game, but just to be safe: everyone in the group gets a Post-It with a name or object from a category you’ve agreed on beforehand. (Of course, you can’t specify anything to make it more difficult). Players stick these Post-Its on their foreheads or otherwise position them so that they are visible to everyone but themselves.

Yes/no questions are now asked in turn. Whoever gets a “yes” may continue asking questions, if “no” it is the next player’s turn. So you slowly narrow down what’s on your own piece of paper and try to guess it.

And what about that is a drinking game? There are several possibilities.

You can drink on every “no”, or everyone still in the game has to drink as soon as someone guesses their own slip. Or you can make your own personal rules, depending on your taste.

Splash Splash

Splash splash, duck, drinking games, bachelor party
Quack Quack

Splash Splash is one of the simplest, but also one of the funniest drinking games.

In turn, each player says one word. Starting with a duck:
“A duck has two wings and two legs, plop plop!”

In the next round there are already two ducks, then three and so on. Since the wings and legs always double up, you quickly get to thinking, especially if you’ve already had a bit. If you say something wrong or take too long, you have to drink. Whoever helps another player, has to drink twice.

By the way: If your number of players always results in the same people getting the “mathematical” part of the sentence, just always jump one player ahead at the beginning of the round. So everyone gets their money’s worth.

Drinking games for the bachelor party with equipment

Looping Louie

Was fun as a kids game, but is even funnier as a drinking game: Looping Louie*.

At first glance a game for children, after all, it would not be our world if no one had made it a drinking game. Like many other games that seem innocent at first glance, Looping Louie.

Each player has a few chickens on his perch. The broken pilot “Louie” flies over it with his plane in a correspondingly incompetent manner, while the players have to fend him off with the help of pushable seesaws.

Drinking, of course, is always when you forfeit a chicken.

Beer Pong

A classic drinking game for the bachelor party. A ping pong ball, 12 plastic cups, alcohol to drop – and you can play Beer Pong. The game, which appears in many American films, requires skill. Six cups each are placed in a triangle on opposite sides of a table and filled with alcohol. Now you take turns trying to get the ball into an opponent’s cup – not directly, though, but so that the ball hits the table once beforehand.

If one hits, this cup must be emptied by the opponent. The game is also very easy to play in a team and promises all sorts of fun and alcohol enjoyment.

Those who would like it to be a little more hygienic can fill the cups with water and provide the drinks in their own glasses.

Drinking Game Apps

There’s an app for everything, and drinking games are no exception. Here are a few apps we think are good.

Drink roulette

Drink Roulette is actually quite simple – you enter your name, spin the wheel of fortune one by one and perform the tasks/answer the questions or drink. There are several modes, but only the basic “Classic” mode is free. Available for Android and iOS

Drink! The drinking game

Also nice is this party app (also available for iOS ), whose basic concept is based on the game Mäxchen. You take turns drawing cards, stating beforehand whether you think the next card will be higher, lower, or the same as the previous one. However, Trink! makes things a lot more interesting with various mini-games.

King of Booze

King of Booze (available for Android) is also easy to understand. Up to 14 players can choose between set tasks or questions – or just take sips from their drink.

Drinking to a movie/series

Suitable for everyone and easy to follow, the concept may be familiar to some as “imperial boozing” from the Sissi movies or “ring boozing” from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In short, you always drink when something specific happens in a movie or series. This can be as simple as every mention of the word “ring” in the LotR movies, or more complex.

Personally, I’m a fan of making up the rules together beforehand. With Futurama, there were a whole 14 different rules last time – and we were already in a pretty good mood after about four episodes.

Purchased drinking games for the bachelor party

The drinking game is now definitely also an industry, if you will. So if you don’t want to fall back on the well-known classics, you can simply search online for game sets designed as drinking games from the start.

There are, of course, regular board games that can be designed around drinking, like Ludo ! with shot glasses* or Shot Roulette*.

But if you like it a little more exciting, you can take a look at Glop* or the various drinking games from Katertag, such as Prooost.

Bonus – Penis ring throwing

This game deserves an extra mention because it is equally funny and stupid – penis ring throwing. You divide into two teams, one player per team is designated the penis and is allowed to strap on the penis shown above. Now the team members take turns throwing rings at the penis – whoever misses has to drink.

The team that is the first to place all the rings on their penis wins. The winning penis drinks once, the loser twice. Now these are our suggestions for the funniest drinking games for the bachelor party – have fun and cheers!

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