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Cotillion at second wedding?

A not so young couple at their second wedding

Many people ask themselves the question whether one should celebrate also with its second wedding a Polterabend. We have the answers to this question and also suggestions on how you can organize a great bachelor party for the second wedding.

Is it allowed to have a bachelor party at the second wedding?

Yes of course! In the past, the Polterabend was meant to see the bride and groom off into married life. Nowadays, however, the whole thing is no longer viewed so narrowly. After all, with a 35% divorce rate, it’s also natural for people to get married twice in a lifetime. And every wedding includes a stag party or bachelor party. You can read more about this in our article “Why is there the Polterabend”.

Activities for the second wedding anniversary

Depending on the age of the bride and groom should also choose the appropriate activity for the second bachelor party. Because although it can still be fun to try out our adrenaline-pumping bachelorette party activities when you’re 50, we’d take it a little easier, especially with an older bride and groom.

Often the polterabend at second wedding is also not celebrated as a classic bachelor party or bachelorette party, but together. Therefore, we recommend you first and foremost our articles for bachelorette party activities for couples. You’ll find lots of ideas there, from couples quizzes to Dinner in the Dark, it’s all there.

If it is still a younger and adventurous bride and groom, then you should also take a look at our articles about Polterabend for women and Polterabend for men. A Bridal Shower is also suitable for all ages.

Have fun celebrating!

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