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JGA & bachelor party – who to invite?

who to invite to the bachelor party? Woman writes questions on the wall with the marker

Great. So now you know that you want to celebrate before the wedding. You might even know what you want to do.(If not, we’re happy to help!) But you still don’t know who to invite to the JGA or bachelor party? As always, the motto is – There is nothing about which we are not willing to write long-winded articles.

For those who don’t know how to organize a bachelor party, we recommend our checklist for the organization of a bachelor party.

Who to invite to the bachelor party?

Although the word polterabend naturally refers to bachelor and bachelorette parties, here we will first talk about the traditional polterabend for couples as it originally was. But you are welcome to read what exactly the difference between the two is.

Without further ado – to the bachelor party will be invited who you, the bride and groom, want to be there. Historically, the celebration was “open house” – the whole village community came together to smash dishes and chew the hair off the bride and groom’s heads in merry multitude.

Today, however, most people are not immediately friends with the whole village – or possibly the whole town. Therefore, you are well advised with invitations for close friends and your family. It is especially helpful to invite those people to the bachelorette party who cannot be at the wedding due to scheduling or other reasons. This way you can definitely celebrate with everyone you care about.

Invite to the bachelor party

Yes, and at the decided bachelor party? That’s where things start to look a little different. Who will not be here, unfortunately, is of course the bride. Besides the best man, the guest list should consist of your friends. Classically, you invite male friends and acquaintances, but you do not have to be petty. It is important that your group fits to your Polterabend & JGA – activities. The organization here, by the way, usually takes the best man.

Invite to the bachelorette party

For the ladies, the situation is similar. Your bridesmaids should already be there, of course. The same goes for your maid of honor, who is also responsible for the organization in most cases. So discuss together who the most important guests are.

If you want to do it gently and quietly, of course nothing stands in the way of inviting Aunt Ilse with the conservative attitude – usually, however, such a JGA is a little wilder than the classic Polterabend. Be sure to consider the budget of your attendees when creating the invitations. We have more tips for you here.

JGA 18+

Okay, let’s be honest – actually, you shouldn’t have to mention that separately. But for the sake of completeness, we say it anyway: Who plans a JGA or Polterabend, where it is not necessarily well-behaved, should choose his guest list to match. We don’t want to trigger any heart attacks.

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